Saturday, January 7, 2017

The real angst in the El Monte problem

The city manager walks away with a 200 grand pension while the average voter makes 32 grand,  In Fresno, we have that problem with a school super making some 800 grand.

It is the function.  The job of the El Monte city manager is to identify the various accounting loops and guises presented by over lapping government, and squash those loops. But, he gets paid more for doing the opposite.

And in Fresno, if the average parent does not understand education basics, then public education costs go way up, the education money sloshes predictably against the bounds.  The job of the super becomes mostly teaching the confused parent, dealing with unions, and running a developers bribery scam for the elected school board.

And, in California, it always comes back to overlapping government, the voter does not see his handy work until it is too late, the money has been stolen. Texas has the problem in spades with a tradition of corrupt county government and city police unions.. But the loop gets priced, and he voter suddenly sees cost, almost right away. The second time around the loop and the accountants have evidence,  a complete mark to market history, voters the the bill immediately, cash only.

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