Sunday, January 29, 2017

The thing about bond losses

It means the senators have to adopt  accurate cash flow accounting on their government programs.  Price guarantees, inflation hedges all have to go, amortization is in.  If the senators manage this, then the sandbox can write off bonds, limit inflation to less than 4.5%; but everyone has to have the card, otherwise it is not fair trading. No fair trading, no fair measure of inflation; the math doesn't function.

There is a member of the Yawkers who gets this, a fair trader who has Trumpsters ear and understands bitcoin and blockchain. He can explain it to Ned and the boys.  But we can't kid anyone, this is singularity 1.0.  If the senators try to sneak the system, just fine, but they better short the program because a lot of other senate staffers have the same trading ability.

It's the same game, but we are all forced to the new technology now as it is the best helicopter.


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