Sunday, January 1, 2017

Too much government layering

Reason: James Mussenden could very well be the face of California's municipal pension crisis. His friends seems to think so, at least.Mussenden, the former city manager of El Monte, California, pulls down more than $216,000 in retirement benefits each year, along with free health insurance and the promise of annual cost-of-living increases. He's getting two pensions—one from the city and one from the state—thanks to a loophole created in 2000 that allowed El Monte city employees to double-dip legally.
The overlapping layers allow politicians to slip errors, fraud and stupidity into the process.  The secessionist wants locality so the voter sees the consequences of the vote within two elections.  The layering allows loops, the bulge goes up, then comes back, after the election. Secession and nullification, almost everywhere fixes the problem.

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