Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump is a paper tiger

Trump Slams "Astronomical" Drug Prices, Tells CEOs To "Get Prices Down"

The CEOs do not feel threatened because Trump and the Yawkers want their personal tax cuts.  Trump is, in fact, planning to run up the deficit and crash the economy.

What happened with Lockheed and the F-35? 

 Lockheed came to Trump and agreed to sell him the same pile of F-35 crap, which being useless will never be amortized.  But is is OK to defualt in bonds in America, as long as Trump's crew gets their tax cut.

The Trumpster is pure paper tiger and the world is figuring it out.  It is helicopter droppings all the way, and our foreign creditors the on the case.

The sandbox technology is not bogus.  It has the power to force default if the senators keep faking it.

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