Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trumptster the SAwamp disruptor

LA Times: He gratuitously insulted a Republican senator who could prove to be a daunting enemy when it comes to Trump’s own goals.
 He laid down demands on replacing Obamacare that his party’s House and Senate leaders have indicated they can’t attain and refused to take steps even many Republicans have said are necessary to limit conflicts between the interests of his business and the United States.
 All that comes as Trump wraps up a transition that has achieved some goals but has conspicuously not expanded the political support that was only barely enough to allow him to defeat a highly unpopular Democratic nominee.
 Trump was at home for his news conference — both literally and figuratively He stands to begin his presidency with the lowest poll ratings ever for a newly elected president. Far from using the pre-inauguration honeymoon period to consolidate support, Trump has diminished his standing by some measures.
The standard media is big bother, they could have just as easily said that the 37% of Americans who support him want the Swamp disrupted.   It is not clear to me that the secessionists are the bad guys.  The evidence seems clear, the Swamp is harmful to us folks..

It wasn't the secessionists who carpet bombed 2.4 million rice farmers, it was some jerk from Texas who managed it  with the patriotic support of the LA Times, I am certain. If the LA Times is so patriotic, then they should hounding Texas to return the bailout money we spent on them.

The case against Texas: First they send a genocidal killer to DC, he then goes access to the war machine, and promptly sets about clobbering us with massive debt, and goes on a killing spree.  Then we give them another shot, and they send some dufas who crashes the economy.California should quit trading with the place until the do-re-me is returned.

LA Times, you are crap, a cowardly aggregationist; hiding behind the nanny state.

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