Sunday, January 22, 2017

We have about a trillion in losses from SDI

Even granting that programs like THAAD and upgraded patriot work, or space tracking has advanced; one point remains, strategic defense  from ICBM threat has been a failure. Netting out the losses at about a trillion, they have to be written off.

If we do not write off the SDI losses, the our we end up faking it, pretending it works, at great expense.  Our adversaries know we are faking it, they have a permanent hedge.  Millennials ate better off letting another trillion in bonds default. If not, then once the problem is continued, our adversaries will add something simple, like balloons to their ICBM, forcing us to increase out fake hedge at greater expense.

If you cunt from Jan 2009 until Jan 2017, we get the deficit decreasing at nearly the fastest rate in history, yet we still added about 9 trillion.  That means about 6-7 trillion of that was Reagan,Bush, family and Paul Ryan.   Bubba Clinton ran a surplus, remember?  The rule is simple, we get to swrite off the Reagan losses, compounded/. Paul Ryan nas about two weeks to explain how we recover from his share of the 2009 losses, or we add the Bush/Ryan deficits to the discharge list.

For millennials, the more the losses pile up, then the longer period in their careers where prices are screwed, and jobs sparse.  These losses, after the third roll over, they get entered into our balance sheets, as payments due.

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