Friday, January 13, 2017

We knew this before Reagan dumped a trillion

BI: However, as a recent Bloomberg article noted, the office that tests this system concluded it had "limited capability to defend the US homeland from small numbers of simple" ICBMs, according to its last report.
This was my comment to Lockheed when they interviewed me. ( I usually just blurt things out in interviews, hence am seldom hired.) .  But no one in the NRO crowd had any brains, nor honesty to deal with the problem. Admitting SDI was bogus would be admitting Reagan has cotton candy for brains.

So, if we count up Reagan boondogles, we get about a quarter of our debt, we know who spent the do-re-me, we can claw it back or threaten to adopt more accurate cash technology.  We can repudiate Reagan's debt, and assign the liability to every wealthy tycoon who went to meet the Swamper-in-Chief.  These CEOs are getting monopoly licenses which are worthless in the no-hedge pure cash environment.  Having thus identified the CEOs by their behavior, we know who was responsible for the massive debt.

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