Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A little more on the Redneck pricing engine

What we have on yhe left is an encoding tree for some incoming sequence. The basket size, in the sandbox economic model, that basket size is the path length through the encoder. This graph is a complement of the real goods distribution.

There is a second sequence, two in S&L,deposits and loans events, they happen asynchronously.  The Redneck system simply computes the probability the two nodens match on yhe trees, (trading graphs).  Since these trees are maintained as nest blocking the pits, there exists a simple convolution of two finite trees that generates relative probability, hence it generates asynchronous amortized two channel rate payment events, needed to balance bit error.

Maximum entropy for the standard bot, absent insider info.  Access to the graphs are roud robin and fair, the bit error random process defined.

Everything is patent free, naturally, and here at Redneck my VP Marketing says, all aboard.

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