Friday, February 17, 2017

A surveillance bot

New York and London - Nasdaq has been selected to deliver its SMARTS Market Surveillance technology to EBS BrokerTec, a NEX Group business that provides electronic trading technology and services to the fixed income and foreign exchange markets. SMARTS Market Surveillance will be integrated within the EBS and BrokerTec platforms to monitor the US Treasuries, FX, and US and EU repo markets order submission and trading behavior.SMARTS Market Surveillance uses contextualized detection algorithms to identify the entire spectrum of trading behaviors across multiple products.The platform is able to detect patterns in real-time and has been implemented in all asset classes, including equities, fixed income, FX, derivatives, swaps, commodities and power. Alerts and visualisations specific to these asset classes enable the analyst to identify issues and explore the data for further behavioural discovery."We are thrilled to expand our long and successful partnership with EBS BrokerTec as they continue to invest in new technologies that will support their efforts in trade monitoring and maintaining the integrity of their global markets," said Lars Ottersgård, Executive Vice President and Head of Market Technology, Nasdaq. "Nasdaq is constantly innovating our surveillance solutions to the benefit of our clients like EBS BrokerTec. We are deeply focused on exploring and leveraging the technologies of tomorrow that we can deliver to our clients today."
OK, NASDAQ has a great technology, but Rednecks do better..  

In the pit, Redneck system always  deliver the distributions of bid/ask on a moment's notice. All Redneck Tradings system guaranteed unless re-configured by others. 

Everything in the sandbox can be  known to precision to everyone, ultimately, and less ultimately for a price. That is why sandbox is no arbitrage cash, it has Redneck Systems covering our backs. And no arbitrage cash with shared currency risk and no seigniorage means the central bankers need us, not visa versa.

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