Friday, February 10, 2017

An almost complete sandbox channel, on the market

Braver Browser lets us anonymously buy publishing material, using peer to peer and local wallet. The users hold the wallet, but note it is a multi-signature.  That is a way of manually guaranteeing no  double spending.  We want that complete, we want a wallet so damn honest and secure that even its owner cannot cheat
“The simplest thing we are doing with bitcoin is helping publishers receive automated donations based on visits to their site,” explains Mr. Eich, “without Brave users have to worry ‘Do I want to support this site or that site?’”This process is carried out on a user’s native device as opposed to the server side. “We blind ourselves and all others to that donation list. Users hold custody of their funds, controlling the funds essentially through a wallet key for a multi-signature wallet. No one sees the list of websites, but bitcoin flows in aggregate to publishers.”He adds: “This is only made possible thanks to the robustness of Bitcoin, and of course the ability to send without an intermediary.”Currently, third party ads entail a website hosting intensive third-party scripts to keep track of users and try to match the best ad for a given space on the page with the user. Trackers also try to ensure that the right people get debited and credited advertising funds. This process poses a risk in terms of data. “There is a general concern about fraud with third-party ads,” says Mr. Eich. Brave, which has partnered with Coinbase, Bitgo and Private Internet Access, and believes Bitcoin can solve this problem.

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