Saturday, February 18, 2017

Big networking execs talk seurity


RSA 2017: Palo Alto Networks CEO, Cisco VP Call For Next Iteration Of Platform Security

[Read the report, they still seem confused]

They talk vaguely about the new security order, but it is clear hey mean pure cash,the sandbox.  The network security is in the IP  platform, and if network execs make platforms then their products have to self-validate.   Otherwise, I do not see how an IP based spoof can overcome the forgery protection built into the sandbox.

In the sandbox all traders are bots, including the pit boss, and all traders guaranteed to eschew forgeries or double spending.  Otherwise,they pass around histograms and make bets, one trading pit handling hundreds of bets per second, and thousands of pits.

There is endpoint security in he sandbpox, bot activity is directly tied to a thumbprint or other biometric match. Add price compression, then there is no spoof, except illegal forgery of the endpoint.   

Otherwise, as long as we have secure python steel, and access to token verification services then we are ok.  If the hacker discovers an arbitrage opportunity and milks it for digits, it is not a hack, it is making the economy more productive.  But, absent a forgery, the hacker is stuck, his attack vector is good betting.

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