Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Consider the US Airforce and their bomber programs

What was the AF main bomber in 1952? B52
What is the AF main bomber today? B52

Yet, in between we spent an accumulated 3 trillion on bomber development, each bomber some Flash Gordon piece of crap, all being retired, or already retired, or had gone no where.  Yet, if the issue is dropping bombs on bearded guys in Wackamolistan, then the B52 is your platform.

Who should cover the losses?
First, John McCain should admit the losses, he was one of the main  idiots behind the bomber fiasco.  Then we give Arizona a choice, pay up the 3T for being idiots, or leave the union.  What else is the Senate going to do?  Well, they could use the sandbox to do legitimate bond defaults, fess up.  But they will need the Redneck pricing engine.

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