Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Elon 'The Dense' Musk

Musk said the Muslim immigration ban is "not right" in two separate tweets before deleting them from Twitter in perhaps his strongest statement yet against the controversial policy. He said the tweets were earlier drafts he sent accidentally after a Twitter user asked what prompted the deletion.Trump's immigration ban temporarily bars citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries and all refugees from entering the US while the US reviews its vetting procedures. A federal judge has suspended the ban and the Ninth Circuit denied the government's appeal to lift the temporary restraining order on it.

They are not Muslim countries you idiot, look at a little history.  They are countries where the Muslims have already kicked out the other religions. 

I have a better idea.  Musk and the global warming ensemble of environmentalists take their operation to Yemen, declare themselves athiests and find out who lives.

We have enough stupidity in California, especially Silicon Valley.  We would like less of it.

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