Friday, February 10, 2017

Fitch Ratings Inc causes global financal disaster

Fitch Warns Trump Administration Could Lead To Global Economic Disaster
The primary risks to sovereign credits include the possibility of disruptive changes to trade relations, diminished international capital flows, limits on migration that affect remittances and confrontational exchanges between policymakers that contribute to heightened or prolonged currency and other financial market volatility. The materialisation of these risks would provide an unfavourable backdrop for economic growth, putting pressure on public finances that may have rating implications for some sovereigns. Increases in the cost or reductions in the availability of external financing, particularly if accompanied by currency depreciation, could also affect ratings.

Horse manure. Our global financial crisis, and most of the previous, are caused by Fitch always assuming the senators insure against currency risk. 

This is Fitch creating fake news about government socialist guarantees that never were. It is fake for the same reason, Fitch, like Silicon Valley execs, have the same behavior, pretend there is a godot then suck socialist teat.

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