Friday, February 10, 2017

Food stamps in the sandbox

The sandbox is surrounded by smart cards, and smart cards will agree to restrictions on trade as long as they get thumb printed.  That is what makes the sandbox work, user thumb print agreements and universal management of the green/red function.

So, in the sandbox, food stamps are spent by consumers who restrict their use to groceries.  The stamps are redeemed by grocers to government.  In between the sandbox trades them freely, and any restrictions on free trade of any coin will be part of its designated ledger service.  But, even in the pit,  requests for ledger service will be asynchronous to transactions as the end points guarantee no double spending. So, in between, food stamps will be free traded,and grocers will form a banking network.

But, overall, food stamps make fine coins, just remember, trading pits will use them to extinguish hedges arbitrage and make hedging unnecessary. during the round trip.

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