Monday, February 20, 2017

Government causes more illness than it heals

Our Miserable 21st Century  HT Kling

  Alas, the problem is not just slowdowns in health progress—there also appears to have been positive retrogression for broad and heretofore seemingly untroubled segments of the national population. A short but electrifying 2015 paper by Anne Case and Nobel Economics Laureate Angus Deaton talked about a mortality trend that had gone almost unnoticed until then: rising death rates for middle-aged U.S. whites. By Case and Deaton’s reckoning, death rates rose somewhat slightly over the 1999–2013 period for all non-Hispanic white men and women 45–54 years of age—but they rose sharply for those with high-school degrees or less, and for this less-educated grouping most of the rise in death rates was accounted for by suicides, chronic liver cirrhosis, and poisonings (including drug overdoses).
Who drinks? People from Detroit whose lives are interrupted by bankrupt government. Single mothers deluded by welfare. And rule by unionism.  All of which create enormous stress and   make us despondent and self-destructive, 

Always be secessionist and price a life without the political correctness. 

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