Monday, February 6, 2017

Government price fixing in energy

We have California regulators price fixing energy production, just like Gray Davis during the Enron crisis. Hence we get too many power plants and the ityle browns pay premiums to cover the guaranteed return.
My point is that Brown and legislature knew this, they knew they had done the same thin during the Enron crisis.  No one learned because Cal dem supporters lied about the cause of the Enron crisis. The idea begin the the Cal Dems lie to little Browns for no other reason to to be war criminals.  Proof positive Gray Davis needs to be arrested.

LA Times: The missteps of regulators have been compounded by the self-interest of California utilities, Lynch and other critics contend. Utilities are typically guaranteed a rate of return of about 10.5% for the cost of each new plant regardless of need. This creates a major incentive to keep construction going: Utilities can make more money building new plants than by buying and reselling readily available electricity from existing plants run by competitors.
My point about all this

Politicians screw the supply lines, we know it, we vote for it, we know that is causes imbalances.  But, maybe for good or evil politicians and likely to do it again.

OK, politians alsoknowthatthe hidden egenda is likely unsustainable,,but why lie.  Why didn't Jerry say, four years ago, "we sometimes insert legal energy regulations with side agendas. We know it, and we stop doing it after the main agenda has its affect,

In other words, make it the side agenda, name it, reveal your corruptions and do it efficiently.  No one is going to bite your ass, Jerry.   As hidden agendas loat around the cost of maintaining the secret grows, the economy wants to monetize it.

Like we have a generation of Berkeley economists who have no clue about the price fixing discussed in this article.  Why no clue? They were brainwashed by the Enron cover up, so Berkeley  economics school miss a pile of theory, like those bogus MIT Basket Weavers.  Their ignorance continued the ignorance of the Cal legislature. Berkeley becomes a government paid religious institution, like MIT.

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