Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I sense the sudden rush to boomer retirement

Zero Hedge: According to the NAR, in January, Existing home sales jumped by 3.3%, well above the 1.1% consensus estimate, and more than reversing last month's revised -1.6% drop. The annuallized pace of sales rose to 5.69 million, above the 5.54 million estimate, and the biggest monthly jump since March 2016. January's sales pace was 3.8% higher than a year ago (5.48 million) and surpasses November 2016 (5.60 million) as the strongest since February 2007 (5.79 million).
There has been a run up in housing prices due to Asian rebalance, and soon to retire boomer want to take advantage and dump the family home now that the kids are slaving away at their payroll taxes. As the rebalance moves south to California, watch all the perfect public storms appear, all at once, as  we quantize our retirement baskets for economies of scale.

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