Monday, February 13, 2017

I take Trumpster's position here

Another expert with unique facts explains bad Trumpster habats:
By Bob Barbera • Jon Faust of John Hopkins
At his Jan. 11 press conference, the soon to be soon-to-be-president declared,…millions more workers right now in the United States — 96 million really wanting a job and they can’t get. You know that story. The real number – that’s the real number.If true, this would be a Great-Depression-sized tragedy, but it is actually more of a Bowling-Green-Massacre-style tragedy.The 96 million number is the estimated number of working-age folks who report themselves as not looking for work, and is taken from the BLS’s household employment survey. The vast majority of these folks are not “really wanting a job.” For example, nearly 30 million of these folks are over 70 years old, 20 million or so are disabled, approximately 10 million are married and living with their spouse (think Melania—until she starts up that profitable brand), and millions more are high school and college students.
The so called experts tell us they know who should or should not be working.

The likelihood is that the Swamp is unsustainable, and bond defaults are coming.  So, the definition of who should be working is no longer up to Magic Walrus, the Magic Walrus is in bankruptcy court.

 The 70 year old lives in a world where entitlements do not quite match up between generations, so tell the 70 year old to get on a payroll, and pay taxes.
What is disabled?  OK, I have bureauracraphobia, a sever aversion to anything official.  But, if you are missing half a leg, you can still work the counter part time.

Workers, as voters, ate stuck, one way or the other, they have to pay for the accounting is-match in the Swamp.

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