Sunday, February 19, 2017

IBM Watson is back with Visa tokenization

In one of the crypto mags, I picked this up. The IBM Watson process can now take and make payments using Visa/Master Charge token standard.

Let's split this up.  Watson is a semantic processor, it was the thing that sent me off doing the semantic processor code on that link to the right. But we didn't get a complete and closed space because we had no pricing function to find matches along the graph convolutions.  Watson got that, the dog beat us to it.

Now what can Watson do? Be your on line master investor, the super agent with which you drop a bunch of various coins.  Watson will have first access to all the new pits we open, it will be this hungry beast jumping on all the market created in the sandbox.  I love it, pure growth chaos.

But it hints at something, the sand box will be supporting multiple, independent tokenization protocols, so fit that into your architecture.  We might want the coin itself to specify the particular tokenization needed, and that sort of determines the ledger services, generally.  In this model, the coin  itself has all the parameters needed to meet the rules, and supporting infrastructure exists at the edge of sandbox, like a token verification process; possibly unique.

I dunno how Redneck Systems can get the total development and support to get this up and running. We  might have to take our gazillions and go fund six or seven start ups.

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