Sunday, February 26, 2017

It is not a secret

White House Deputy Secretary:  “We cannot survive under the current system,” Sanders said. “We have to make a massive overhaul to the health care system in America, because it is simply just not sustainable, and everybody agrees with that.”“There is nobody that argues that we’re on a track that we can maintain,” she continued. “So we’re looking at every possible way to do exactly that: repeal a terrible, failed system and replace with something better.”
True, most of the Swamp programs are a mess, and about 80% of voting citizens know this.  
So why go all Kanosian and tell Magic Walrus fables? The was Obama and the Dems problem, they lie too well and the transaction costs of our decoder rings went up. Now we can just admit the foul ups, declares the losses. We do not need to run the curve out to 100 years, no one would believe us anyway.

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