Thursday, February 23, 2017

LA, a sanctuary city, what does it mean?

Depends on who your are.  When the mayor meets with the little browns he is responding to a foreign invasion of the mission, the US cavalry is chasing indians again.

When the LA Times announces the sanctuary city, they are announcing a refugee home under the non-discriminatory rules of the US government, combined with the informal citizenship of the state of California.

In other words, the mayor of LA invited 3 billion poor people to LA, where they can get free medical care.  Am I kidding? No, governments and non-government organizations have supply chains designed to move millions. They have ships, buses, planes, ready to activate.  They set up collection points deploy resources, move people, millions of poor people to the streets of LA courtesy of the mayor and legislature.

The little brown do not know they are bringing this havoc upon themselves. They just thought they were bitching to the mayor. Is the mayor that stupid, or are the little browns that stupid? Someone should have mentioned the contradiction during the meeting.

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