Saturday, February 25, 2017

Leftist immigration plot revealed

According to  of Slate:

Immigration advocates on the left, in contrast, believe that mass less-skilled immigration can benefit the country if taxpayers provide immigrants and their children with the government support they need to lead dignified lives. That’s why they champion causes like providing unauthorized immigrants with subsidized medical care and generous wage subsidies and expanding access to early education programs for the children of poor immigrants who start life at a serious disadvantage relative to their better-off peers. To the pro-immigration left, support for high immigration levels goes hand in hand with support for other egalitarian causes, like a cradle-to-grave welfare state and generous foreign aid.
In fact, he is completely full of shit, this is a repeat of the Stork Theory of immigration  and is only believed by about five people, one of whom is Nancy..

This is inventing theory then not finding any data to back it up. This is the usual horse manure writing we get from Slate, the magazine for hacks.

Obama clearly stated the truth publicly, the leftist immigration plot is mostly California, and it is mostly a debate between the little browns and the national parties. Once the little browns discover that they have invited 3 billion poor and sick to move to LA, at a mere $500 one time air ticket, then things will switch real quickly.

The Slate problem is that us little browns out here do not fit the Doonesbury plastic cartoon history that Slate writers learned in public school.

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