Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ned wants to sell infinite currency insurance

Some Real horse shit from Ned:
Secretary of interest payments Ned Ryerson said Thursday he has asked his staff to explore having the U.S. government issue debt maturities as long as 50 years or 100 years. 
 In an interview on CNBC, Ryerson said he was not ready to make a “formal announcement” of a 50-year or a 100-year bond but added, “I’ve already begun to talk to the staff about looking at that.” “I think it is something that is a very serious issue of whether we should explore, whether we can raise 50- or 100-year money at a very slight premium is something that makes sense for Treasury to look at,” he said.
The secretary went on to point out that we cannot borrow anymore money unless millennials and their offspring agree to pay, until infinity, 3% of their income to cover a generation of losses and bonehead budgets in the Swamp.  Included in the law will be a digital tattoo each millennial must wear which guarantees his regular, monthly payment to infinitely wealthy people.

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