Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nice work. Does it have a price compressor?

A trading engine seeing significant growth in the sandbox:

Whaleclub Sees Significant Growth Bitcoin Powered Whaleclub Crosses $1B in Total Trading VolumeWhaleclub started last year by creating a trading platform that allows the trading of foreign currency, stocks, and more using bitcoin as a payment vehicle. The company states that by utilizing a digital currency to power the trading it allows for significantly lower costs than fiat currency does.
The trading platform – led by CEO Perry Steegen and COO Petar Zivkovski – has seen significant growth over the past year. Furthermore, the company added a broad array of new features last month. Whaleclub now boasts over 15,000 traders and believes it is because of its sophisticated trading technology, low spreads, and fast execution throughout the system.
I feel like Bill Gates when the home computer market was chaos. 

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