Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oh, Jeff, cut out the Flash Gordon stuff

Business Inside on Bezos and the talking loudspeaker:
Bezos says "it's not about that," and instead that "Alexa is primarily about identifying tasks in the household that would be improved by voice." Right now, Bezos says, the big applications for Echo are music and home automation with smart appliances like the Nest thermostat or August door lock.
AI doesn't need to talk.  Nor is AI interested in turning lights on and off, get off the couch and do it yourself.

Why would we run around the house talking to inanimate objects? Like, 'Hey, laptop, what's happening?', no I doubt it. Talking is what humans do, we swill save it for humans, like a secret code. The bots will learn us, soon enough by how we tap our way through the world.

But Bezos is right [else where in the article]  about the display needed to make purchases, it can be icon or the object with a price beacon.

You see the display, and smart card can tap the thing and gets the trade particulars. Icon or price beacon, smart card extracts the info over its NFC channel. . Smart card makes the trade (or not) on your behalf, no chatting needed.

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