Saturday, February 11, 2017

Redneck Trading Systems and the price compression algorithm

Use the two color savings and loans. The pit expects two sequences coming in, deposit and loans.  It will Huffman compress each stream separately, but the window size is adjusted such that the two Huffman trees generate the same container sequence, within precision.  The S&L penalizes or rewards us with asynchronous interest payments and receipts based on whether out liquidity event was late or early, in the window compared to its matching containers,

Then we have parameters to set window size boundaries and precision. The process runs when queues exceed their limit and need compression. 

The software managers the two nest block structures, amortizing matched trades and bubbling up new trades.  It is like a gear shifter, two streams come in, and one stream of virtual matched pairs go out.  The  compression levels determined by flow of bit error intoand out of transaction prices. So, we might have a bit error function acting like Uncle Milt's regular release mechanism.  Except that the release is opportunistic, and no arbitrage.

If left to a neutral bit error, the S&L requires outsiders to snooker it, defeat it by controlling a series of sequences and making artificial matches in the smart contract layer.  That is called productive growth, the birth death process, geeks moving mass over time. When it appears, the S&L will lose money, sorry, but that is how it works.

The effect on transaction is to force two color trades to occur with the basket optimally full, like 2/3.  It is an indirect, but proveable effect.  Thus, queues stable, Ito happy, each of us independently setting red/green base on fillness of our container. Almost all of our accounting is based on container algebra,, shelves, pallets, cases. The integer error is maintained fairly in our S&L accounts.

Redneck Systems keeps a brilliant Russian mathematician locked up in a room, everything I say is true.

We are the best in  the industry, but we are filthy rich, so go ahead and buy someone else's product, jiust ask the salesman, "Is it Redneck compatible."

Let's help the customer a little more.  
If you are a broker, I recommend all your pits be built on Python Steel, a product known to be hard protected, down to the processor core.  They run a fast, proven python engine. Redneck sells the complete hardware software package and will only bond the product if Python Steel is the base..  

Redneck Systems have an army of support bots built by a trillion dollar python bot trader industry.  Every standard pit configuration comes with a ready to use neutral trading bot, a bot that just maintains your do-re-me.

Redneck Trading Systems assume full sandbox compatibility, and pursue full sandbox at every market opportunity.  Hardware wallet vendors all seek to fully support sandbox, as long as Redneck Systems leads the way.

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