Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rush to liquidity

Elliott Management, the $31.6 billion New York hedge fund run by Paul Singer, is prepping for a wide swath of market moves as Donald Trump's presidency takes shape. 
"Now more than ever, we want to be positioned for as many permutations as possible in order to preserve capital if market conditions deteriorate," Elliott wrote in its fourth-quarter letter released in January, a copy of which was reviewed by Business Insider.
Dalio, who had been hopeful about a Trump presidency and some of his economic policies, seems to have struck a less optimistic tone, according to a letter obtained by Bloomberg.In the letter, Dalio warned that there was a high level of uncertainty in the market and told clients to avoid investing too heavily in a particular asset, according to the Bloomberg report. 
They are telling us that the pit boss is accumulating bit error, forcing real inventories down.  What the hedge funds ae seeing is a bit of chaos, two thing intermix.  We are adapting to the traditional first half slow down, and we got the Trumpster.  They atre trying to sort the two effectsnand find the hedges.

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