Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Secretary of obtaining foreign credit gains commie help in preventing Senate bond defaults

From Reuters.

Tillerson affirms importance of constructive U.S.-China ties

I have the real story:

The sensitive issue was that the US Senate was short of cash and interest payments are rising above $600 billion, and the Secretary of Begging for Foreign Credit checked to see if the resulting rate was too low *2.5%). The secretary indicated that the US economy  cannot go higher in interest payments without crashing the market and defaulting on US government bonds.

The commie rats reportedly suggested that the Senate go ahead and default,use the new technology so all the little brown people can be protected. Then Chairman Ma of Alabama appeared and offered, for a mere $200 billion,l to retro fit 100 million Americans with the new cash technology.  The chairman gave his solemn oath there was no commie software inside.

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