Friday, February 3, 2017

Time is about currency risk insurance.

An economists notes the concept of money over time is unmeasureable:
Chair Yellen also suggests an important role for estimates of medium-run equilibrium real rates. Such estimates are extremely uncertain and sensitive to technical assumptions, and thus should not be used as key determinants of policy stance.
The stayementy comes from a research report on r*, the natural rate of interest.  I use he concept of interest, including natural interest.  Buy I know how the number reallycoes about.

The number is not about time.  Wer estimate the number of events that have to occur in some complete sequence, like building a bridge.  No time involved until we are interested in comparing two sequences, then we index the two sequences according the first to complete.

But no where is time to completion a priceable variable in he economy.  Time, and money over time were invented as a currency risk insurance device, and absolute time is irrelevant.  That is, labo will often privce itself by time, the the hiring agent is pricing lumps of labor by number ogf labor events in construction.  Other than labor, time is only as accurate as needed to indexd comparable sequences.  That is, there is no effort to make time anywhere synchronous, as in bandwidth limited sample rates.  Instead, it is always a index by queues, you can be fourth in line or sixth in line.

Time is about currency risk insurance.

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