Friday, February 10, 2017

Trading bots wheel north, avoid commie rats

CRN: China-based Canaan Creative, a bitcoin mining firm commonly known by Avalon, its bitcoin mining chip brand, will open a data center powered by hydroelectric power at the ‘Node Pole’. Owned by power companies, the technology infrastructure hub is situated in the Boden region near the Arctic Circle n in Sweden.Canaan, which manufacturers ASIC microprocessors, claims to be the first Chinese bitcoin company to open a data center in Europe. The facility will operate at 10 MW at its initial stage, leaving room for expansion in the future.ituated in the very north of Sweden by the Arctic Circle, the Node Pole region is a significant global hub for data traffic. Cheap and renewable hydro-electric power that makes for efficient energy infrastructure, naturally frigid conditions and a politically stable area aside from its geographical proximity on a global scale have all seen the “Node Pole’ region host the perfect conditions for large-scale data hosting.

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