Sunday, February 26, 2017

What is a Rhoder Island anyway?

Sheldon Whitehouse: It rather specifically kept us from getting a majority in the Senate in this election because the Koch political operative group, Americans for Prosperity, had pledged to spend $750 million, and they didn't really like Trump. They didn't get behind him in a big way. So a lot of that money instead went into general fieldwork. They had, for instance, 14 field offices in Florida. Just ready to help whomever. And that stayed in place when Trump became the candidate. They weren't going to go anywhere else. But they couldn't and didn't spend at all in the presidential. So they turned to the swing states, and they spent immense amounts of money in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
They got a million folks in the place, it is way over there with the New Englanders.  Founded in a fit is religious freedom from the prudes in Massachusetts, home of fat liberals. The founder was a Rhodes scholar I guess. That  is how they done it back there.

Unlike us civilized Franciscans.

Here we see two native Californians taking a walk and discussing quantum physics.  They solved great problems of economics and built a federation of  economies that remain today. But, they wore dresses, eliminated the need for transgender bathrooms.

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