Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why is the CIA still funding a war against Syria's Assad?

Reuters: CIA-coordinated military aid for rebels in northwest Syria has been frozen since they came under major Islamist attack last month, rebel sources said, raising doubts about foreign support key to their war against President Bashar al-Assad.

Rebel officials said that no official explanation had been given for the move this month following the jihadist assault, though several said they believed the main objective was to prevent arms and cash falling into Islamist militant hands. But they said they expected the aid freeze to be temporary.
We already know the result will massive  and forced migration, Then we get Hillary claiming we have to house all the  immigrants whose lives we fucked upo.  At this point  the plot is plainly obvious. We will either house a million Syrians or cut funding across the board for the Swamp.

It is this continual corruption of the deep state that has bankrupted the Swamp, and American citizens are  not required to cover the losses.  Our only obligation to the bums back there is to provide technical means for the Senators to default. I am doing  my job, making the sandbox available for smooth Swamp default, I am therefore free of any income tax obligations.

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