Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A little history of political correctness run amokl

The Mariel boatlift was a mass emigration of Cubans, who traveled from Cuba's Mariel Harbor to the United States between 15 April and 31 October 1980. The term "Marielito" (plural "Marielitos") is used to refer to these refugees in both Spanish and English. The boatlift was precipitated by a sharp downturn in the Cuban economy.After approximately 10,000 Cubans tried to gain asylum by taking refuge on the grounds of the Peruvian embassy, the Cuban government announced that anyone who wanted to leave could do so. The ensuing mass migration was organized by Cuban-Americans with the agreement of Cuban president Fidel Castro. The arrival of the refugees in the U.S. created political problems for U.S. president Jimmy Carter, first when his administration struggled to develop a consistent response to the immigrants and then when it was discovered that a number of the refugees had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities. The Mariel boatlift was ended by mutual agreement between the two governments in late October 1980, after as many as 125,000 Cubans had reached Florida.

What was not said was Crter's famous words, spoken with his eyes all crucnhed up, he was tunning into the political superiority wave and announced, almost in fearofmhis own self diagnosed moralness:
"We welcome Cubans with open arms"
And Castro emptied his prisons.

This episode was similar to Gray Davis and energy controls sticking it to the taxpayers, or his pensions boondogles nearly bankrupting us.

We have, in California, a sixth grade legiuslature, educated by Doonesbury cartoon strips and they are inviting 3 billion poor people to live in LA.

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