Saturday, March 4, 2017

Account management is a bit differewnt

Mainly because you will have bots on duty at one or more S&L sites. If you want to spend 50 in cash for the day, just get a web screen and click on thew $50 icon. At that moment your bot on duty is constructed to trade as if it had $50 less.

They are not bank accounts, nor membership; but they take on those two functions.  They are generally bots running the even bet money at the local S&L. The wallets and the bots interact, but asynchronously, the wallet can leave a message in the in box of your trading bot, somewhere else, and it is as good.  Deferred ledger services, fees for ledger services, cycle fees,  S&L compressions; all of this make for managed congestion, everything done asynchronously., as opportunity presents.  Mathematically this allowance is a result of uncertainty, the Milt Friedman type with the thermometer.  All compnents, having absolute red/green, leave reserve for the uncertainty, priced.

Think of it as active, smart accounts operating autonomously on your behalf.  You queue instructions to the bots under the same conditions, no arbitrage anywhere, not even in thumbprint flow.

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