Tuesday, March 21, 2017

American seagulls poised to poop on the Dim Kim Son

The officials said the U.S. has increased its surveillance over the isolated, communist country and has seen a North Korean missile launcher moving around, as well as construction of VIP seating in the eastern coastal city Wonsan.The officials, who weren't authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the new surveillance includes satellites, drones and other aircraft.The U.S. officials on Tuesday said it's unclear what type of missile launch may be coming. North Korea previously has conducted tests in Wonsan of its medium-range ballistic Musudan missile.

Notice the words "other aircraft"? The other craft is the swarm of drone seagulls, solar powered drones. I have tyhe inside scoop.  They fly in fully charged, then hide in trees basking in the sun recharging,

During the new missile test, the plan is to have the swarm swoop in, and lay a layer of poop on Dim and the boys. 

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