Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Betting volatility in the pits

With pure cash it is automatic since he bit error function is a tradeable, defined and bound wiener process.  It is in the contract, and the definition has a 'probabilistic' inverse, the standard even money trading bot that comes with, he default trade.

So, if you want to be an inflation betting site, juts pick some aggregate distribution of prices, chart the stream of deviations from that distribution.  Then the pit boss rules are simple, the pit boss will make the bit error look like that chart.  Betters can bet the nearly instantaneous price reports.

Retailers do this, using flex pricing. They promise  to match any competitor price. It is a flexi price, negotiating price as a vale coherent between variations acceptable to both parties. Redneck System supports flexible retail pricing. We do  retail right.
Flexi pricing requires trusted parties, I should note.  It works because the endpints are willing to reveal their personal variation in pricing, honestly. In Redneck Systems we are debating, when isthat special information revealed to any party other than the pit boss? If WalMart had trusted smart hardware wallets, these wallets could give up personal shopping statistics, instantly, at the check out.  Walmart would be  verifiably bound not to look, their pricing bot only sees offered price.  Otherwise, bid/offered price distributions are equally visible, inside and outside the pit.

We get the concept of a fair retail pricing bot which is guaranteed not to reveal secret histories, only current offered prices. I tossed this idea to the marketing guy around here, he was doing back flips, went raving mad with excitement. I give credit to that bitcoin online casino site, it is guaranteed to be self regulating, and has a bonded third party looking on.

What does this mean for Walmart sales?

Well, the customer has a secrec disribution of personal Wamart shopping events. Walmart has a secret distribution of inventory events.  The Redneck flexi price model optimizes repeat customers. It finds the optimum repeatability  between inventory and shopping, it is the private buyers club.  Walmart and customer, both still free to set red/green. Otherwise known as almost singularity 2.0.

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