Thursday, March 9, 2017

Commies and the sandb ox

Xi Ping Pong and his List of Prohibited Activities
1. Offering leverage and margin trades.
2. Producing fake volume and manipulating the market using zero fees.
3. Violating AML laws.
4. Violating regulations on foreign currency management and cross-border capital transfer with bitcoin.
5. Replacing fiat by using bitcoin to purchase goods.
6. Tax Evasion.
7. Engaging in false advertising or participating in Ponzi schemes.
8. Providing financial services without a permit, including credit, securities, and futures trading.

1,4,5,8 are sandbox, the rest smart contract. The bits sell a fulfillment with price compression, the pits run standard (Redneck compatible) S&L buffer technology. The sandbox is multi currency, autotraded. Xi is off base, has been given very bad advice.

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