Monday, March 27, 2017

Fundamental transaction, part 2

Part one of the fundamental transaction was, I give you digits, you give me a thing in my basket.

There is a part two. At some reasonable point afterward,you and I will independently tap an icon and inform our S&L trading bots what we done. Our separate bots  will cover the currency risk by adjustment of deposit and loans.  So, the game, generally, is to keep your spending deviations within range, and your bot can keep your mis-pricings under the radar of the pit boss. Even then, your bots may have deferred ledger service, generally the ledger should be called when accumulation spending exceeds some significant amount. Significant being the cost of security and due diligence on the part of tokenization services. Tokenization services atre a big part of the sandbox, it is the key to earning permitted conditons imposed on transactions, it gives others a hint of the protocol. And the tokenization services spend some tranaction costs doing crypto forensics on their tokens, mae us feel better.

It is all loads of fun.

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