Monday, March 6, 2017

Hardware Wallets, now WalMart compatible

Is it legal for  me to advertise products for WalMart if they don't have the product?  I cam claim they should have had it.

The WalMart Card, manufactured and branded with certified transaction capability in the sandbox, including WalMart coin.  It allows multi-currency pricing on many WalMart products.  WalMart wallet trades coins and buy products at any trading place that offers token verification and directed ledger service. Of course all WalMart wallets support universal price compression.

Starting price, $100. Full bitcoin support. Bonded from counterfeiters.  Spcial access to rock bottom prices for buyers clubs.

OK, I am a WalMart supporter, big deal.  Walmart customers will want this thing. The wallet vendors will deliver.

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