Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How would a secessionist rule

San Francisco landlords were getting heated Friday in protest of a State Assembly bill that would repeal limits on rent control that have been in effect since 1995. AB 1506, at least in its current version, which was introduced at the end of last month, would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of that year, a law that made units built after '95 free from rent control restrictions, exempted single-family dwellings from rent control, and allows landlords to raise rents to market rates between tenants.San Francisco and San Jose landlords protested at an Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee meeting on Friday, Bay City News reports, since some say the bill would put them out of business and could remove housing units from the market. At the helm of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee as its chairman is David Chiu, a State Assembly Member and former San Francisco supervisor. Chiu is also a lead author of AB 1506.
First, in this particular case, the California legislature is involved. Anything they do is not without some huge, hidden secret agenda which is usually more destructive then  the bill. 

Aside from that, leave it up to the cities.  You are better off letting the cities frig things up at random than having the state government frig things up all at once.

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