Saturday, March 18, 2017

I thought so

AutoX has technology to drive the car with no lidar, just cameras.  I originally thought this technology would win over radar and lidar.  But lidar manufacturing drove down the cost.  Now we have AuotX, a new company that does it all with cameras:

As noted in the video, AutoX's system doesn't rely on the LIDAR laser arrays or other expensive sensors that most self-driving cars, including Waymo's and Uber's, require to function. Instead, AutoX uses advanced artificial intelligence to "see" through cameras mounted on the car and steer the car accordingly. 

Vision has this great advantage, the image can be segmented into features that make sense for the task.  Hence, pre-processing greatly lowers the AI task.  I am sure they have 'compression' algorithms that make the most accurate set of image features or driving.

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