Monday, March 6, 2017

Jeff Bezos vs me and my mathematician grocer

Our two teams are in a market contest to provide the most efficient retail check out.  My team is always in first place. Here is my latest innovation.
Normally, I take the bike right on through the door, down the aisle  and fill my basket,and stop at checkout for payment, riding off when done.  Not efficient enough for us, even though that method, right there, beats old Jeff.

We were not done.  I had taken to ad hoc baking, a result of getting my new oven.  On he sunny day, I found myself making frequent trips as I filled my baking inventory.  So, we are going with the once a day payment.  I am the trusted endpoint, no double counting.  I round up all his 1.99 prices to 2 and so on.  I am allowed multiple trips in and out, just track my account myself. I pay about every five trips or so.

Now, cooking is fun, on a warm Fresno late winter day.  I don;t mind running down for the single item, like vanilla, for example.  The retail checkout is just an extension of my kitchen inventory., another set of shelves.

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