Thursday, March 30, 2017

Let us go through yet another sandbox use case

We go through as many use cases as we come up with so that we have a feeling that the architecture contains the total collection of possible apps. As a bonus, we get to learn about the various price mechanisms.
Consider, a company that sell winter stuff in he great lakes region.  It sells winter coats, long underwear, snow shovels,snow equipment, tarps, and storm gear.  It may also sell large food stocks.  But Wintersales has done something cute.

Wintersales downloads the Redneck standard S&L and sets up to run dollar deposits and loans. But it modifies the bit error generator. The bit error generator now prices interest charges against the regional seasonal adjuster coefficient putout by the bean counters. We earn on deposits and pay on loans to the extent that we stay in middle amber of the seasonal adjuster.

So, the even money bat is to use the AS&L for all your winter inventory adjustments, use loans and deposits, balance them around the seasonal adjuster. You ar allow to plot and scheme, contrive to hide out all winter and save your do-re-me, because your moving.  Or, even a plot in the visa ersa.  That is OK.  Price scheming induces the pit boss to re-quantize from the typical,the interest charges fairly applied, and there will be currency risk, when a surplus or deficit occurs during the price compression.  Remember, price compression is a loss and gain compression, except the losses and gains conserved collected by the pit boss.   The match is volatile, hence the compression.

In return, the pit boss runs the sales site.  So, he idea is to capture enough winter addicts to keep the S&L site stable, even if ales subsidize the site a bit.  The three color pits should support this.

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