Friday, March 31, 2017

Let's discuss slop in the pits

The whole point about Eulerism, from my point of view, is that a Euler system ha a perfect two color pricing orbit with no bit error.  The whole thing about the TOE is Hawking radiation is a requirement to maintain quantization,  So,the Euler conditions are never met, they are chased.  In another theory, we never get a Shannon lock. Our Shannon pit bos consumes 1.5 standard units of variance, not 1.0. That take you to local wave functions, self managed congestion.  We undersample Nyquist, so that we are always partially congested so that flow always occurs to maintain quantization.

In the sandbox, the S&L technology does that, it converts flow into the sustainable set of baskets. Having the extra half point of variance goes to the bit error. Hence, the short cut available to time plotters is gone, the baskets having enough variance in fullness to keep imprecision set everywhere. The slop allows agents to detect the necessity of basket size changes.

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