Monday, March 27, 2017

Me and my grocer mathematician whoop Jeff once again

Technical issues are forcing Amazon to delay the public launch of its cashier-less grocery store

Me and my mathematician have a trillion dollar bet with Jeff. We claim that we are the maximum entropy gold standard, me, my bike, my basket, the checkout; together form a prime factor in all the containers from my street to the LA Harbor. I am king of the container algebra in America, my bike and my grocer.  Jeff cannot beat us, impossible, not even a wheeled bot.

Right now I am optimum.  I can pickup what I want,maintain my own count and pay him about every three trips or so. I do not have to exit my bike, I can ride the aisle in and out; and my basket is exactly the half case that is standard through all of grocerdom.

Further, since I am at maximum entropy, my self price variation does not change that much, I can count by item and category, tote the prices later. He and I spit the pricing risk if wholesale pricing change.

WhAt is the kicker? Fresno California is mild weather, and bike riding is actually leisure.

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