Sunday, March 5, 2017

Network stacks and hardware wallets

I do not see them coexisting.  Thecashdevice should not be a networking device.  I would think.

The smart card can hold network IDs, by URL or IP; but it will not use network services except via an NFC interface to a general purpose networked device.  The segmentation here is simply that intelligently networking is way up in smart contracts, it is not cash.  Pure case is all; about buying your way through the maze by cash trades, peer to peer raw pricing.  The bots and cash cards are given thumbprinted parameter, maps, pointers.  But at each choice in the route, a price compression takes place.

So, the card obey the simple rules, watch for frauds, and they know how to compute conditional odds with a standard description of likely events. Then, beyond that, give them multi-protocol transaction capability.

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