Friday, March 17, 2017

Now we see why Ben had to bail the Swamp

Reason: Here is a helpful reminder for that side of your universe busy losing their shit: During this woefully misgoverned 21st century of ours, with its sluggish economic growth and serially disastrous wars, panics, bailouts, and stimuli, combined U.S. federal, state, and local government expenditures have zoomed from around $3.2 trillion in fiscal year 2000 ($4.5 trillion in today's dollars) to north of $7 trillion this year, according to Christopher Chantrill's useful aggregator During that time the U.S. population has grown from an estimated 281 million to 324 million, so even after adjusting for inflation, government spending has grown more than three times as fast as Census numbers.
Most of the spending went to bail  outs. Now the debt is going through its first rollover, accumulating term risk.  Those bailouts in the Swamp has robbed  millennials  of their  livelihood.

We have the same group, Pelosi and her Republicans cohorts, taking us through a bankruptcy.  Jerry Brown,. Schumer, McCain all know the trash they have dumped on the economy.  These boneheads are trying to get one more boondogle in before helicopter. They won't make it.

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