Monday, March 27, 2017

OK, let's build a three color scaling pit for bitcoin

There are lot' of solutions when we have adaptable fair traded pits. Let us do triple entry accounting and solve the bitcoin problem.

We have: loans, deposit, ledger fees, together these three sequences are managed by the pit boss with predetermined bounds on variance. Loans to deposits drive the price discovery, but flow onto to and off of the bloc chain is priced, as follows.  When innovative interest charges ae gained or received,h pit boss charges you an equivalently high ledger fee. The boss does not want a whole bunch of bitcoins floating, and keep the ledger service busy, as needed.

By setting the variance on bounds, the sandbox can chain sub pits together and trade any
tiny factor of a bit coin as needed.  The more insignificant and tiny the bitcoin transaction, the longer the bubble up to ledger services.  Scatter and gather can be controlled, coin conserving and round off error conserved and shared.

The message. If you are doing high value, large and innovative bitcoin saving or borrowing, the you ate going to be reserving some ledger time a bit ahead of your trades. This satisfies the scaling consensus because user and miner can price the ledger service utility.  Say, I sell my car, for a good price; I am willing to hike my ledger fees, get my cash income registered ASAP. Triple entry accounting, we can ake that possible. Gonna need hardware support for shuffling orders.

Matching three sequences by  quantizing arrival jitter? It is  triple conditional odds making problem.  I wonder if that mathematician has escaped from my basement?

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