Friday, March 10, 2017

OK, so let's make a gold base coin for the sandbox

How do we do this?
At the smart contract layer. We set up gold vaults in each of the 30 major cities in the USA. Then make the guarantee, your company can deliver gold to a thumbprint in three days, includes a two step, equalize gold over the cities, and drive the gold to your location.  This is a time bet, your company is betting on an efficient armored car company where mass over time and distance is very reliable.

Anyone who wants to trade gold taps your company icon with their smart wallet.  The personal wallet is set up to issue gold tokens, a validating encrypted number that your gold company will validate, a valid token allows autotrading in the gold pits, the wallet can trade gold.  Folks can go and observe all the gold vaults, for a price.  That includes hiring outside bonding agents.   The token generating wallet has to take its thumbprint to the gold delivery guy, it is part of fulfillment.

There is, thus, a gold coin floating around which nearly matches a gold horde. The gold coin, being sandbox compatible, can be freely traded with the null ledger service for some finite sequence, before re-thumb printing to the gold company. Your company runs the gold pits, a fairly lucrative business.

Your gold coin still competes for currency space

Buyers clubs can beat gold.  It is the kast mile, your delivery of gold t my house is still less efficient than my bike ride to the crner store.  So, in visible smart space, buyers clubs will, n the  marginal, remain valuable secondary pricing coins. The tax dollar still beats.  I can see the gold market as very useful for household moves, the ability to shift a large value across space, then set up a new household, price referenced to the king of metals.

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